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In-Kind Sponsorship Program for Conferences

We are proud to support Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML5, and other developer conferences around the world. So far, we have sponsored the following:

Python Brasil 2014

PyCon Poland 2014

Kiwi PyCon

PyGotham 2014

PyCon Australia

DjangoCon Europe 2014

PyCon Philippines 2014

PyCon Spain 2013

PyCon Ireland 2013

PyCon New Zealand 2013

Here is the in-kind sponsorship package that we are currently offering to conferences.

In-Kind Sponsorship Conference Package

This package is free for conferences and includes:

What We Ask

In return, simply place our small graphic with a link to on your conference’s sponsorship page. Feel free to resize it to make it smaller/larger (see the media kit for more sizes).

As past conference/large event organizers, we have actually found that more sponsor logos result in greater attendance and interest from sponsors, so this is to your conference’s benefit.

Why Are We Doing This?

Part of Two Scoops Press’ mission is to give back to the community whenever possible. We are a tiny publishing company with a tiny budget, so we can’t afford much yet, but we can afford to reinvest in the community through in-kind sponsorship.

We have organized numerous conference-sized events in the past and even an actual conference, so we know that every little sponsorship offer makes a difference. We relate to and identify with conferences large and small around the world trying to promote the use of Django in their community.

How To Apply

Send an email to with your name, role (e.g. co-organizer), and a link to your conference website. Make sure that your conference website contains venue, ticket, and sponsor information.

Two Scoops Press reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason. Please confirm with us before you announce participation in this program.

Offer Expires at the end of 2014

This program is only for conferences and events held in 2014.